Saturday, May 12, 2012

can I be like her? ^_^

when talk about mother..
what would you say about her?
"I love my mother!"
"I have the best mother!"
hope you give the best word for your mother..
mother sacrificed a lot for her children..
what mother do for you?
what is the responsibility of the mother?

as a second leader..
good listener..
best teacher..
nice doctor..
kind adviser..
great supporter..
and many more.. :)

now..what we do for our mother?
and do it..

Who is she??

Who should i take good care of
Giving all my love?
Who should i think the most of after Allah and Rasulullah?
Comes your mother,
Who next? Your mother,
Who next? Your mother,
And then your father

(your mother by yusuf islam)


Thank you Allah for my mother
I have the best mother
Happy Mother's Day!

love mother as she love us
do not hurt your mother
hug your mother as much as possible
kiss her cheek and forehead
make your mother smile everyday
heaven under mothers feet :D
May Allah bless all mothers